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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sex Offenders

Megans Law is a law which requires sex offenders to register their whereabouts. This may be a good law. It may not be a good law. It certainly allows us to create some interesting graphs.

It seems that all the states except Maine and Ohio have a law which mandates registration, and there is a great website where you can get data about sex offenders in each state.

Then you can look in different places, and get the data to make these two graphs:
This one shows the number of sex offenders per 1000 in each state. Pretty Straightforward. The population data is from the 06 census and the sex offender data from that link above, (mostly from summer 07).

This is the more interesting chart, showing correlation coefficients between the % of sex offenders and several categories.

Notice that the only strongly correlated values (absolute value > .4) are latitude and longitude, States further North and further West tend to have a larger percentage of sex offenders (Go back and look at the previous chart for the proof). Also, despite what talk radio might have us believe, there is almost no correlation between the # of illegal immigrants and % of sex offenders.

Remember, correlation is not causation, but it is interesting!

Help yourself to my base data:

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tom said...

i was sure that florida would be at the top